General civil litigation as the name implies, applies to a broad range of laws and the associated litigation of civil law. Civil law is designed to settle disputes between individuals, organizations, associations, business entities, etc. civil litigation defines the legal status of each party without criminal action and usually includes some sort of compensation for the plaintiff. A dispute or complaint is normally settled by a lawsuit in which the plaintiff seeks reimbursement for damages, reparations for a breach of contract, compensation for injuries, business disputes, or a host of other issues involving reward, punitive damages, or contract violations to be decided by civil court proceedings.

Civil litigation can be filed against individuals, groups, associations, business entities, organizations, companies, or government agencies. Civil litigation often involves economic restitution, compensation for an injured party, deterrence from future actions, or retribution for a wrong or wrongdoing.

At Cuenant & Nazareth, PA, our civil litigation practice handles cases and disputes in the areas of:
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Complex commercial transactions
Tax law
Family law
Real Estate Litigation
Debtor/Creditor Law
Construction Disputes
Personal Injuries (including auto accidents, slips and falls, products liability, premises liability, and defamation actions)
Many others
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If your case does not fit into a specific area of the law
If we cannot take your case we can help you find an attorney that will